I’m Jake and I’m a motion designer/filmmaker! Keyfr.me is simply a site to take some of the assets I’ve made over the years and make them available to others. All of these assets are things that I’ve made for personal and freelance projects. Keyfr.me is where I’ve compiled them together and expanded on them. These are all of my presets, overlays, textures, and little odds and ends I use to make my work daily. Hopefully they will become part of the toolkit you use to make your work too!

Here you’ll find cinematic and playful assets. Maybe you do both, maybe you’re one or the other. Motion Design is a wide range of stuff — no matter your style or your leaning there is space to create what you want and hopefully you can find something here to fit you and your style. I’d love to join you on that journey and help make it a little easier for you to create incredible looking and ultimately fulfilling work.

I’m no master, but I’d love to help any way that I can. If you’ve got questions, have a request, or want to reach out about working together holler at me at Jake@mcbeardish.com

If you have an issue with your product or need help with a purchase, email hello@keyfr.me

If you want to follow me personally and see more tutorials, BTS of shoots, and random things I find funny you can find me here — @Mcbeardish